Monthly Archives: April 2014

Spring Flight“Lead Me Into Spring” is a personal painting I am creating for ArtServe’s “Inside/Out- art as Healing Therapy” exhibit coming up next month.  The painting is about being led by the Spirit in a season  of transition and new adventures. The birds represent the excitement and activity of dreams taking flight, while the woman maintains a quiet heart, anchoring her vision to her well of inspiration.  I pray this painting causes you to move forward with the many dreams God excites you with, knowing you are FREE and anchored to His love, which sets us all into flight. ❤️


Safety Harbor Chalk Festival

Here is my latest Street Painting adventure from March 22-23 in Safety Harbor, Florida titled “Setting Sail”. The concept is about setting your dreams into flight with hope and confidence, and filling your sails with wind. The quaint coastal town of Safety Harbor was a perfect backdrop for my serene little sailboats 🙂

On to the next adventure!

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